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The American Psychological Association states $300 billion is lost in revenue annually due to employee stress. To reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and increase job satisfaction investing in a nature coach can help lower cost per employee and increase your bottom line.


The World Health Organisation has dubbed stress as the 'health epidemic of the 21st Century' and many countries across the world are prescribing 'nature connection' as a way to combat the effects. Burn out and fatigue are not only affecting productivity in the workplace it is affecting relationships, ability to focus and cope, creating anxiety, isolation and in some cases depression.

“Businesses are recognizing that sensory stimulation can play a vital role in helping employees feel less stressed and more comfortable in their work environments”. (Forbes)


In order to nurture your organisation and grow a healthy and productive team, the 3 C’s coaching programme enables employees to manage stress through nature connection and effective communication. Our coaching programmes are conducted online or in person, taking people outdoors or bringing natural elements indoors and into the workspace with mindful exercises, techniques and tools to benefit employee’s health and wellbeing.

Contact us for information on our nature programmes for corporate wellbeing, stress management, communication coaching and consultancy.

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