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Forest Retreats

Forest Retreats


Based in Southern Portugal, Forest in Nature Retreats are specially designed to help people relax, restore and to deepen a connection to nature. With the constant pressure of modern-day living, our bodies can begin to feel the effects of stress and burnout. Whether experiencing these or simply looking for an eco-holiday we partner with hotels, resorts and private residences to allow groups and individual’s time and space in beautiful surroundings. 
Set in the beautiful Serra de Monchique with forests, waterfalls and amazing views to the coast, our forest in nature programmes include tailor-made forest bathing walks along with workshops and practices to help with life's "edges" and stressors, allowing for healing and restoration.
The retreats run over three days, five days or more depending on your requirements.


Contact us for upcoming retreats or to arrange a retreat for you or your group.

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