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Forest Bathing Guide Training

Become a Forest Bathing Guide



Duration: 3 x day’s in person training

Location: Southern Portugal

Plus: self-guided practice in location with mentor support (online).

What you will cover
Wellbeing nature connection practices

Forest bathing guide skills
Curate and create trails in different environments

Risk management and safety

The Nature Immersion Process model

Sensory awareness, embodiment practice
Circle work and group dynamics

The art of language

Forest medicine

Incorporating nature based expressive arts
Working with different populations

Creating nature based wellbeing plans

Forest bathing theory and research


Who is this for

Anyone who has a connection to nature and interested in the restorative healing power of forests.  

People wishing to strengthen their connection to nature.

Those who want to support others in connecting to nature.

If you are living/working in high stress environments looking for tools and techniques for stress management.

Working in eco travel or slow travel.

People who care about the environment.

Forest or outdoor guides.

Complimentary health practitioners.

Care givers looking to implement green solutions.

Suzanne has trained and mentored hundreds of guides globally online and in person.

"Suzanne Radford is an excellent trainer and mentor. She is a highly skilled nature based practitioner and trained and mentored individuals internationally. She has a wealth of knowledge and is highly professional in her approach. She finds the balance between evidence based practice and is deeply respectful to the natural world. I would highly recommend her training and mentoring".

Shirley Gleeson,  

Managing Director

Ecowellness Consulting &

Nádúr Centre for Integrative Forest Therapy

Contact us for more information.

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