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I live on a mountain surrounded by trees and plants and it reinforces my love of nature and the great outdoors. It has always been there, even when I lived in busy cities like London and Dubai. I either brought nature indoors or sought it out in the parks, beaches and even desert. I found the connection to my environment helping to bring calm in what can be a busy stressful life. I remember working on a big event in London and getting home to my ground floor flat, kicking off my shoes and standing barefoot in the garden, on the grass, feeling the soil and letting the chaos of the day slip away. The same in Dubai, walking my dog on the beach at sunrise or after dark so as not to be spotted in areas where dogs were not welcome but where I could find my escape from the concrete and construction.

It was with great interest that I covered recently the following stories for Harpers Bazaar Arabia looking at how property developers are responding to a need from customers to bring natural elements and wellbeing into their urban living spaces. Designers are incorporating these elements into the planning helping people to make social connections through green spaces, meditation apps, and exercise: Life At The Waters Edge 

Renew by Tom Dixon Design Research Studio.

We have all done it, collecting shells from the beach or pine cones from a walk in the woods. We like to bring something of the outdoors into our home. Jane Lawerence, Head of Interiors at Knight Dragon explains what the current design trends are helping to give balance at Upper Riverside, on the Greenwich Peninsula: Wellness Meets Design 

No 2 Upper Riverside

Creating Space for Sleep Hygiene

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